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Con-con is a system developed for a concrete plant that is part of the biggest construction holdings in Ukraine. The plant serves both the inter-holding CIM (construction and installation management) as well as outside construction companies.

Main goals

  • Automatization of the quality control process of the concrete supplied to the construction sites

  • Quality control for the transportation of the concrete (loading / unloading time, the speed and direction of the drum rotation, unplanned stopovers)

  • Logistics optimization by increasing the dispatcher’s efficiency

  • Automatization of the electronic document flow

User roles and functions

Main solutions

Con con – is a system developed for one of the biggest concrete plans in Ukraine. The system automates the plant’s work as well as its huge logistics department. The technology is based on the primary data received from the detectors placed on the rotating drums, GPS trackers placed on the mixers as well as the data from the commodity and transport waybills (CTW). CTW are automatically generated in the Con Con system when the concrete is placed inside the mixer at the plant. The system of data exchange is based on a flexible API. As soon as the system receives information about the concrete loading on the plant, the tracked car is placed under control until it unloades at the construction site. Since the type of concrete is different, the regulations for its transportation might also differ: various settings for rotating the concrete inside the mixer while in transit, different organizational regulations, including logistics.

The history of development and integration:

Con Con system traces the deviations from the established regulations and at the same moment initiates a task to find the reason for such deviation. The task performers have to report on the findings of the deviations along with a report on the program itself. The system collects statistics which is then used by a top manager to make a decision on changing the regulations or organizational measures.

Advantages for the client

The technologist receives the statistics and makes organizational corrections while the head of the enterprise receives a general statistics.

Con Con – is a system, which allowed to look at the process of concrete supply from the plant to the construction site in a different way. By integrating the system, the concrete’s quality control supplied from the plant increased substantially, which allowed to lower the transportation expenses by 15% (due to previous noncompliance with transportation regulations).

By developing the gamified interface, we managed to simplify the plant’s dispatcher work and show most of the processes on one screen. We also managed to simplify the work related to processing of a large number of documents and transferring them between the plant and the customer.


Tons of concrete tracked


Concrete cars tracked


Customers regularly serviced


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