T-box is a combination of temperature measuring device and a software that allows construction companies to control the temperature of concrete and to predict the time of it’s hardening.

From idea to solution

The idea to create t-box emerged in cooperation with one of our clients - Verum laboratory. The whole idea is that you can accelerate the work of the monolithic construction companies if you know the concrete’s temperature and how to predict the term of its consolidation. When the idea was still fresh, the temperature indicators were recorded using a glass thermometer or through an expensive resistance thermocouples. T-box is the first complex in Ukraine for measuring the concrete’s temperature and predicting its consolidation. It consists of a device, which measures the temperature using 4 sensors and an online system in which the forecast is constructed. The data transfer from the device to the server is done through the 3G mobile network.

By recording the data from the temperature sensors, t-box predicts the concrete’s consolidation online. The forecast calculation is based on the built-in algorithm. The algorithm takes into account all possible errors predicts the date of the concrete’s consolidation precisely.

The ease of work

T-box has a waterproof case which allows to conducts tests in bad weather conditions or at negative temperatures. All you have to do is to install 4 sensors in a concrete slab, connect them to the t-box and enable the device.
T-box allows to precisely predict the term of the concrete’s consolidation. This allows the construction companies to plan their work more accurately, especially during the cold season. One t-box can work on up to 100 m2 up to 7 days. The data is recorded every 5 seconds and is sent to the server, which allows to control the process in real time and to have accurate per-second data.

Accurate correlation of data

For the data to be more precise, the laboratory conducts a correlation of data. At the moment when the concrete structure is poured, the samples of concrete are placed in temperature cabinet. In the laboratory we create similar conditions to those at the construction site. Subsequently, at each intermediate stage of consolidation, the sample are taken and crushed one by one. This allows to accurately adjust the date, and predict the concrete’s consolidation more precisely until the desired mark.


T-box doesn’t have any analogues in Ukraine. It is designed to simplify and accelerate the work of the construction companies.

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