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Verum doc – is an integrated multiuser SaaS application for the construction market in Ukraine. Verum doc allows to maintain all construction documentation for multi-storey buildings. Everything shall be verified and documented while building a huge housing complex, starting from the base and up until the finishing facade work. Therefore, a service that transfers the construction documentation into the cloud system greatly simplifies and speeds up the work.

The main goals of the product development

Every construction company (according to Ukrainian laws) is required to carry out a phased verification and documentary evidence of the quality of the performed work when constructing a building of any complexity. A number of operators – constructors, designers, technical supervisors, customers, general contractors as well as the contractors themselves – subcontracting organizations – take part in the formation of the construction documentation. Each of them has to make certain actions and make own decisions with regards to each building structure on site. Every organization uses its own program with various automatization level. Verum doc allows to aggregate all information in one system through the open API, systemize it and align it with the existing norms – country standards and building codes.

User roles

Main solutions

The mail solution was to create a system of standardization and aggregation of information from various product programs of construction companies. By automating the data exchange, we started the next phase of defining the most important control points. We defined three of them – organizational processes, the technology of leading the construction works and the quality of construction materials. Verum doc covers all functions of the technical supervision and of the construction laboratory allowing at the same time to create and transfer data about the construction materials and the structures themselves. The data is presented in a form of “acts of samples transfer” – standard acts based on the country laws and regulations. The findings are integrated into the system, and then used by the designers and technical supervisors to continue planning the next construction works. Customers and executors are therefore able to monitor the quality of the construction work in real time.

By the time the construction is finished, all construction documentation is already created in the Verum doc system (that can sometimes count up to thousand pages) in compliance with all Ukrainian norms and standards. It’s worth mentioning that at the end of the construction, the documentation already has all electronic signatures as well as stamps of involved parties in place and the only thing left for the transfer to the public authorities is to print it.

Automation results

The program simplified monitoring and control over the construction sites by allowing to gather all information from various sources in one place. The time of delivery of construction documentation for contractors and subcontractors has substantially decreased.

Advantages for the client

The main advantage of keeping the construction documents in the Verum doc system is its accuracy and speed of creation. As a result, it allowed to make a decision of starting the follow up phase quicker and to reduce the construction time in general.


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