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Construction laboratory Verum deals with construction materials’ testing. These tests are performed following the government norms and requirements. The results of these tests are calculated based on the complicated formulas and algorithms. Testing is the core around which the work of the whole laboratory is built. The tests are done during each phase of the construction and for every batch of construction materials. Quick test results allow construction companies to quickly start the next construction phase.

Main goals

  • Development of an enterprise management system

  • Product automation

  • Financial accounting

  • Logistics automation

  • Optimization of work with clients

User roles

1 Production block:

One of the main goals in creating Verum lab was to automate the creation of protocols (the document with test results). Verum lab allows an engineer to generate the protocol in mere seconds after the testing is completed; before it lasted between 2 and 6 hours. The following results were therefore achieved:

  • The enterprises’ speed of work increased;

  • All documents for the whole history working with the clients are saved in cloud services;

  • All documents have electronic signatures and stamps;

  • All prepared documents are available online for the engineer as well as for the client.

2 Financial block:

By increasing the production speed, the number of laboratory clients increased. A need for the financial block creation appeared at this stage. The financial block has been developed for the two roles (types of users) – a financier and an accountant. All financial documents were transferred from the paper copy to an electronic one. The following advantages appeared:

  • The financial accounting is automated;

  • The creation of accounting and tax reports are automated based on invoices, acts of acceptances and other financial documents;

  • A system of data reconciliation with clients is established online;

  • A system of flexible report generation is created for the graphics of various complexities for the financier.

3 Logistics block:

A need to optimize the planning of delivering the testing examples arose with the increased number of clients. A logist automatically receives orders with the Verum lab system and can plan his time by choosing an optimal route for collection and delivery of the test examples.

4 Client management block:

A block for the client manager role was created to process all clients and their construction facilities. The main task in creating this block was to allow the client manager to work with clients online during all phases of delivering an order. This block serves as a task list where the client manager can:

  • Process the data of existing and potential clients;

  • Maintain facilities of existing clients;

  • Process client orders;

  • Automatically generate contracts with new clients;

  • Optimally plan work time;

  • Respond to current clients’ requests and provide timely feedback in an online chat.

5 HR block:

The number of employees increased with the increased number of clients. An HR block has been developed to maintain the level of employees motivation and to increase their qualification level. A skills matrix was built. Based on this matrix, each employee can receive financial benefit or promotion, while studying and proving their knowledge and skills during the internal exams. Hence, HR received not only a tool to maintain the employees’ database, and close daily needs in hiring and leading the staff, but also a chance to manage employees’ motivation.

6 Enterprise management block:

The head of the enterprise received a dashboard, which contains all important enterprise indicators – financial, production and management related. The CEO got an opportunity to flexibly change the structure of the enterprise by creating new business processes and roles. The following functions have been visualized:

  • Control of the production process;

  • Control of the financial activities;

  • Management of the enterprise structure;

  • Management of the enterprise regulations;

  • Delivery of the full reporting on business processes;

  • Full access management (for the data protection).

7 Client’s part:

A separate client cabinet has been created to ease the overall process for working with the customers. This system has later on developed into a separate sub-system with own roles:

  • Admin – manages the roles and system access rights from the client’s side;

  • Manager – can check the cumulative indicators on the quality of production materials and materials at his facilities, has access to the documents for all of his facilities; can see the status of his orders, the rating of material providers, which is based on the statistics of laboratory test results;

  • Accountant – has easy access to all documents, can make an online document reconciliation with the laboratory following a quick request (until implemented, the process took between 1 and several days);

  • Foreman – controls the status of orders’ fulfillment at his facility, the quality of the production materials and constructions;

  • Head of the planning and technical department – controls the orders’ fulfillment at all facilities.

The results of development and implementation of Verum lab system:

The implementation of Verum lab system allowed to conduct enormous reforms at the laboratory, such as:

  • Decrease the time for conducting the tests and creating supporting documentation;

  • Increase the speed of data exchange between the client and the laboratory:

  • Optimize the work of the logistics department;

  • Increase the motivation and qualification level of employees.


Number of clients


Profit level


Tests per month

Besides the reform itself, the number of clients of the laboratory increased by 32% and the profit level by 56%. Today the Verum laboratory is a leader on the Ukrainian market, it can conduct on average 5 thousand tests monthly in comparison with 500-600 it could do until the integration.


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